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Self-Employed Health Insurance

You work hard for your success, and you deserve the best

We help self-employed and 1099 professionals around the country to qualify for better health insurance options that save money and improve coverage.

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If you’re self-employed, you typically have two options for health insurance; Public Marketplace Plans, and Health-Qualified Plans.

Option 1

Public Marketplace Insurance Plans:

  • Offered through the State Government
  • Also called Affordable Care Act/ ACA / Obamacare plans
  • Guaranteed approval regardless of health
  • Limited-time enrollment windows
  • Premiums typically increase when your income does
  • Higher deductibles
  • Limited provider networks
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Option 2

Health-Qualified Insurance Plans:

  • Offered directly through insurance companies
  • Also called “Private Insurance”
  • Approval based on current health (most people qualify)
  • Enroll any time of year
  • Typically lower premiums – not tied to your income at all
  • Lower deductibles, lower out-of-pocket costs
  • Nationwide PPO network coverage available
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Better Pricing

Don’t let the wrong health insurance hold you back. Many insurance options are tied directly to your annual income; potentially forcing you to pay a higher monthly premium, or face substantial tax penalties every year that your income grows.

We can help you qualify for:

  • Plans with pricing that does not increase when your income does
  • Plans with significantly lower annual deductibles
  • Freedom to grow your business without the fear of your premiums growing out of control
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Digital Access On the Go

Your schedule can get varied and hectic at times. Don’t worry – if you have your phone, you have access to your health insurance.

  • Search for local providers
  • Virtual doctor visits
  • Update billing
  • View your claims
  • Customer support
  • Easy access to your benefits

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benefits vary by state and region.

Travel with peace of mind

The life of a self-employed individual often involves frequent travel for business or pleasure. The best health insurance options are built for this lifestyle and ensure that you’re covered, no matter where your work takes you. Whether you’re attending a conference across the country or exploring international markets, make sure you know what your coverage actually includes.

To ensure you have great coverage when traveling, look for a plan with a Nationwide PPO Network. The vast majority of options offered through the state marketplace only offer local EPO and HMO networks (often means little to no benefits outside of your immediate area).

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Tax Advantages

Many self-employed individuals only have access to health insurance plans that are directly tied to their income. This style of plan can lead to expensive tax penalties if your income grows throughout a year – and these plans are often not tax deducible.

We help professionals around the country to qualify for health insurance plans that are typically ARE tax-deductible and are not tied to your annual income.

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Enroll any time of year

The conventional limitations tied to specific enrollment periods can be quite restricting, especially for self-employed individuals whose schedules and needs don’t conform to standardized timelines. Our health insurance liberates you from these constraints, allowing you to enroll at any time of the year.

This flexibility ensures that you’re never left without coverage, regardless of when you decide it’s the right time for you. It empowers you to make choices based on your circumstances, not calendar deadlines.

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