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Health Insurance for Travelers

When you leave home, does your coverage go with you?

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Did you know? Many public and private health insurance plans do NOT offer benefits outside of your immediate area.

It’s all about the network.

The medical network tied to your insurance plan primarily dictates which providers and geographic regions will include benefits. Leaving your network (either physically leaving the boundaries or by choosing an out-of-network provider) can result in reduced or no benefitseven if you’ve paid your monthly premiums and hit your annual deductible.

EPO: Exclusive Provider Organization. Very small network, usually limited to a city or county.

HMO: Health Maintenance Organization. Very common type of network, usually limited to home state or area.

PPO: Preferred Provider Organization. The most flexible type of network.

Nationwide PPO: PPO Network with coverage in all 50 states. Often considered the most valuable type of network.

Nectar Benefits is able to offer plans on Nationwide PPO Networks for the vast majority of our clients. Many standard insurance agents and local brokers don’t have access to these plans.

Plans Available Now

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These Health Insurance options are offered for:

  • Family & Individual Plans
  • Self-Employed Plans
  • Small Business Owner Plans
  • Employee Benefits Plans

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